Team “Kharaa Sona” will provide complete support to you and mentor you on all fronts like manpower training, Centre set-up, Acquiring the entire set of equipment, liaising with all Government departments for compliance, installing accounting and security software, generating MIS, generating awareness amongst the general population as well as the Jewellers, and all other aspects necessary to successfully and profitably run the business effortlessly and in a RISK-FREE method.

Our services are catered to all jewellers. We intend to capture our consumers by means of profile monitoring (online and offline), analytics, research, and garnering them through existing resources.

Our Five-fold Approach

  • Proprietary process: We begin by creating a unique professionally managed process designed as per BIS specifications.
  • Shaping strategies: We have developed a proprietary plug & play profitable business model in the post Covid era.
  • Amazing approaches: We specialise in high integrity operations and a people-first approach. Our Hallmarking reports are Gilt edged.
  • Speed to Market: With a unique One-Window clearance for all relevant approvals already in place. We have a professional team of experienced people with deep understanding of the gold industry which gives us unmatched speed to market.
  • Great guarantees: Our follow-up processes are capable and competitive thus guaranteeing repeat customers. With our high standards of service, industry know-how and capacity to handle nitty-gritties.

Why Associate with Kharaa Sona

  • Founder’s vision – focus on a sector which has untapped potential in India.
  • Experienced management team.
  • Hallmarking is mandatory for sales of all Jewellery as per Govt. of India notification.
  • Ability to supply the high demand for Hallmarking.
  • Cost-effective concept.
  • To reimagine Assaying & Hallmarking services.
  • 24/7 business capabilities.
  • Change in the jewellery purchasing mind-set and lifestyle shifts.
  • Exponential growth in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.