About Us

KHARAA SONA……………Transforming the Assaying & Hallmarking Business, creating an Industry. Dear Kharaa Sona Friend, Welcome, they say “Necessity is the mother of all invention”, In January 2020 the Govt. of India passed a Law which categorically states that “No Gold jewelry weighing more than 2 grams in weight can be Stored, Transported or sold without a proper BIS registered Hallmark”. It is estimated that there are more than 6,50,000 jewelry stores in India and there are just about 1220 odd operational, Assaying  Hallmarking centers to service them. This creates a ginormous deficit in supply to the existing demand. Enter Kharaa Sona. We intend to become India’s largest chain of branded Assaying & Hallmarking Centers. We plan on establishing 500 ~ 2000 state of art Assaying and Hallmarking centers Pan India, espousing effectiveness and efficiency backed by a truly dedicated team, with World class standards which will dramatically improve our performance. Kharaa Sona combines the expertise of an experienced management team with a focused approach to succeed in dramatically improving performances and creating major transformational result-oriented initiatives that create a clear path to profitability.
Kharaa Sona prides itself on an open, approachable leadership style and we recognize that partners are fundamental basis for the success of any service-oriented company.

OUR COMMITMENT Kharaa Sona is customer centric and instills a sophisticated service culture rooted in the quality sciences at all levels of the organization. This enables us to consistently achieve business goals, improve profitability and reinforce our positive long-term relationships with our clients and partners.

OUR BELIEF We are articulating a transformational “story”, creating a chain of Assaying Hallmarking centers transforming a cluster of individually owned and operated centers; largely Pop–Mom type of business into an organized professionally managed “INDUSTRY”. Our aim is to achieve operational excellence & to build and sustain a high-quality service business, with initiatives that turn a change-agenda, into reality on the front line. At Kharaa Sona, we recognize and monitor variables such as brand strength, employee retention rates, customer satisfaction and external relationships, as well as financial numbers, at the same time focusing on non-financial metrics, including customer attrition, staff resignations and various corporate social responsibility indices creating truly successful transformation. We are engineering a strategic re-orientation that signals a clear break from the past by changing basic ways of working. We strongly believe that our people are our true strength.

WE ARE BEING THE CHANGE THAT WE WANT TO SEE. We understand that the current market scenario needs a paradigm shift. Ultimately, change only sticks when it captures individual hearts and minds. Our approach to change is omni pronged

a) We know what we need to change and really want to do it.

b) We have the systems and structures consistent with these desired new behaviors.

c) We will instill in our team the skills and competencies required to behave differently.

d) Kharaa Sona intends to become the ROLE MODEL that will guide this industry from this day forth.

Who we are

We are SAI KHARAA SONA PRIVATE LIMITED, with over 18 years of rich experience in Sales and Marketing. And have worked with over 700 companies including almost all the MNC’s over the years.

We were the first-of-its-kind company in India to introduce and successfully run customer acquisition campaigns for and on behalf of our clients – in India since 1999 & internationally since 1990. For over two decades, we have successfully acquired over a million happy customers representing 700+ National and International brands. Overall, the team senior management has sixty plus years of experience between them collectively on working this concept.


Our Management

Sorrabb Puniwala – Founder & Managing Director

Sorrabb is a visionary and a serial entrepreneur and has been in the FMCG and Lifestyle Brands industry for over 25 years.

Rraima Puniwala – Director

Rraima has over 18 years of rich experience in Operations, Risk Management, Finance Management and Administration.

Ashish Mishra – Chief Executive Officer

Ashish is a goal-oriented self-starter and forward thinker with 19 plus years of expertise in multifaceted marketing strategies

Gold facts

Indians are one of the highest consumers of gold on the planet.

  • In 2019 the gold consumption for India was 850 Tonnes*.
  • In the last 10 years an average of 838 Tonnes of gold is being consumed by India Every Year
  • In January 2020 the Govt. has passed a law making It MANDATORY to only sell gold jewelry whose purity has been certified by a BIS approved and recognized assaying and hallmarking center. 8.68 crore pieces of jewelry were hallmarked in 2021-22

*Published by the World Gold Council.