Greetings BiggBuyyer!

Thank you for your interest in BiggBuyy. Here is everything you wanted to know – the what, why and how – of the BiggBuyy Privilege Customer Loyalty Program. This section provides completely candid answers to any of your questions regarding the program, your benefits participating in it, your motivation to purchase it, and on its fantabulous utilisation.

What Is the BIGG Hula-Boo About The ‘BiggBuyy Privilege Customer Loyalty Program’?

The BIGG Hula-Boo is that it is Unique, it’s Original, it’s One-Of-It’s-Kind. The BIGGer Hula-boo is that programs like this do not exist (as yet). The BIGGest Hula-Boo is that it is not every day that YOU come across an offer so fool proof, fail proof and idiot proof that it is completely ridiculous. The BIGGest-est Hula-Boo is, that there are No ‘Catches’, No ‘Fine Print’, No ‘Half-Truths’. We are straight shooters – what you read, is what you get. The BIGGest-est-est Hula-Boo is that it Benefits You and helps you spend quality-time with your loved one in lush luxury. It gives you the break you desire and stretches your rupee to get you more for less. It’s all about You- You-You.

What is the BiggBuyy Privilege Customer Loyalty Program all about?

BiggBuyy is a bridge between our clients and you, the end-user. The purpose of this offer is to induce you to experience the hospitality of all the participating properties by partaking of this offer. It is a Time-Specific (available for a fairly short period of time), BiggBuyy Exclusive (available only here & now) and Quantum Specific (to be offered only to a handful of people) offer. Most of our offers are designed as a Buy-One-Get-One Free type of offering. What you are purchasing is at full price (not discounted) and what the host is offering you is totally free of cost to you (not discounted). This is Not a discount offer available to all and sundry. It is instead an ‘Honour’, a ‘Privilege’, an ‘Invitation Only’ and an ‘Exclusive Offer’. One that translates into huge money saving benefits for you.

Why should I go for the Privilege program? What’s in it for me? What are my Benefits?

In a nutshell, it will make you Happy. It will give you a chance to laugh-out-loud, be adventurous, spend quality time with your loved ones, de-stress, rest, rejuvenate and recreate. It will make you feel expanded, empowered and enlivened. It will help you recharge your batteries by taking short, fun breaks…we could really go on and on and on about the bounty of benefits you will get by participating in this offer (completely voluntarily of course, and only if you so choose). That said, all of the above, are Your Priceless Benefits.

Now, let’s shift focus to the material world and let’s talk about Your Cashless Benefits as well. We primarily have 2 kinds of offerings for you. It’s either a BUY-ONE-GET-ONE-FREE type of an offer or it’s a PAY-FOR-FOOD-STAY-FOR-FREE type of an offer. In both these offers you are literally saving thousands of rupees. You are getting a choice of Multiple Locations and these offers are valid at each and every one of the participating locations. The best part is that you get all these stories and savings at a meagre investment- a throw away price of as little as Rs 499/- up to Rs. 999/- only. That’s it. Speak of a deal dream come true.

How do I use the BiggBuyy Privilege Customer Loyalty Program offers purchased?

The first (and actually the only thing) that you need to do to avail of your benefits is that you need to read, understand and just follow all the Terms & Conditions mentioned. Whenever you are ready to go and have some fun, mail us on well in advance, and let us know your location and travel date preference. We will check the availability with the concerned property and respond to your request. If the rooms are available, then you will be asked to remit the total booking amount due with BiggBuyy using any one of our mentioned payment methods. Once that is done, we will mail you a booking confirmation. Then you get to go and have yourself a ton of fun. It’s that simple.

How do How do I acquire the privilege e-card? I use the BiggBuyy Privilege Customer Loyalty Program offers purchased?

Driving in pace with the digital days, we too are offering you a privilege e-card (so don’t expect a snail mail physical card). The way to get one is easy. All you have to do is complete a purchase and you will obtain one automagically.

How can I cancel a recent purchase/privilege card?

We would love for you to not cancel any purchase or the BiggBuyy Privilege Card option. However if you seem to be in two minds, then we ask you to calls us on toll free number or write to We would love to know your reasons and perhaps could convince you otherwise.

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